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Level 1 - Beginner Courses


Iro Circle.jpg

Iro Davlanti Lo

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Adrien Bariki

Who is this class for?

If you have never danced Argentine Tango before or you have just taken a few classes, this is the right class for you!

We have structured this classes as a course, to ensure the fastest learning experience and so you are not mixed with new students every time which can slow down the pace of the classes.

We have developed this course over more than 30 years experience teaching beginners, so you know you are in good hands.

What to expect when attending this class?

You will learn a new step or technique in every class. Your teachers will break down every movement in manageable pieces, so everyone can learn!

In the beginning of the class your teachers will do a recap of the previous class, to make sure you remember what was taught on the previous week and you can build from there into the new content.

You can expect a respectful, inclusive, relaxed and fun atmosphere. Your teachers will give a good mix of personal attention and group attention.

Level 1

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