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2003 - 2021

Tango Academy 

is an Argentine Tango community,

home of Strictly Come Dancing Argentine Tango Choreographers Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani. 

We offer classes from Absolute Beginners to Advanced students with a curated method, based on 25 years experience teaching authentic traditional Argentine Tango to the highest standards.

We organise regular workshops, social dances, events, trips to Argentina and also offer online classes for all the members of our community and beyond. 



As head Argentine Tango choreographers at Strictly Come Dancing, Maria and Leandro have been featured in various commercials, TV programs, music videos & BBC Radio1 interviews. They are also members of international judging panels. In 2018, Leandro received a Recognition of Excellence Award from the UK Argentine Embassy, for his work in Tango.

Student Love 

Maria and Leandro break it down and build it back up with the same level of mastery as their dance performances!

Qasim Bashir (London)

Their exceptional warmth to every single student, the incomparable in-depth knowledge of the human body and expertise in Tango are unparalleled. 

John Staines (Manchester)

The online classes are simply unmissable: demanding, highly effective & a lot of fun. I feel that I have made more progress in the past 14 weeks, than in all the years put together in various set-ups. 

 Lylli Laukka (London)

Maria's gracious & elegant style is inspiring for ladies; Leandro's gentle & considerate lead is to be a model for leaders. Above all their warmth, inclusive, supportive and humble attitude is just beautiful. Finding this school and them as teachers has really changed our lives!

Lisa & Mark Hull (London)


2003 - 2021
Celebrating our 18th birthday 

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