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Pro Dancers Week in London

November 3rd to 13th, 2022

A unique opportunity like this comes only once in a lifetime! We are bringing top international recognised professional Tango Dancers straight from Buenos Aires Argentina, to dance with you in London Milongas!

Experience the thrill of dancing as if you were in Buenos Aires with superb partners, in a friendly and respectful environment!

I had the best dances in my life!’

‘WOW what can I say?! It’s been the highlight of my Tango life’

‘So hard to choose who is my favourite dancer!!!’

‘When can we do this week again?!’


Our wonderful Professional Tango Dancers are soon to come to London in November and we can’t wait to warmly welcome then once again!


The Professional Tango dancers are:

Sebastian Acosta

Julio Bassan

Carlos Cisneros
Andres Sosa



Milongas we will be attending in November:

Thursday 3rd Tango Terra

Friday 4th Sans Souci

Saturday 5th Tango Garden

Sunday 6th Tanguito

Monday 7th I love mondays

Tuesday 8th Browns

Wednesday 9th - Advanced Class at LTA

Thursday 10th Tango Terra

Friday 11th Nacimiento

Saturday 12th Corrientes

Sunday 13th Etnia


Your Options:

1. Book a dance partner for Milongas (one or more nights)

2. Book a Pro Dance Partner for Group Classes & Workshops

3. Book private classes with one of the Pro Dancers.


How does it work?

We will be visiting different London milongas every evening. You will be dancing for two hours every other Tanda (ie. dance one tanda & rest the next one). The professional dancers will rest for one tanda every four tandas they dance.

Professional Dancers will be on rotation, so you will be asked to dance by a different dancer each time rather than having one dancer assigned or fixed.


In milongas where they play no cortinas, we will count our own ‘tandas’ of four tracks/songs each. We kindly ask all ladies that if you danced the previous tanda AND asked by mistake again, to kindly let the Pro Dancer that you already have danced and this is your resting tanda.


Our team will be with you to assure you will have the best time ever in milongas.


Just bring your shoes and dance the night away...


"It is the highlight of my year to be able to dance with these incredible dancers! They are so friendly & we have a great time!


Not only is it a beautiful experience overall, but I can feel a huge difference in my dancing! My technique, my connection, my musicality gets a massive booster!"

Carole, London

Prices & Payments

Choose of the below options

Option 1: Dancing every other Tanda:

1 night £150

3 nights £420

7 nights £950


Options 2: Dancing every Tanda:

1 night £300

3 nights £800

7 nights £1800


Please note: Bookings are extremely in demand.

No age or level restrictions. Limited spaces only. First come first serve.

We can only secure your spot when we receive full payment in cash. Because of the great expense of bringing so many dancers, arrange airplane tickets, accommodation, food, work visas, etc., once the booking is made, the payment is non-refundable/non transferable.

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