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Annual Trip to Argentina 2024

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with Maria Tsiatsiani & Leandro Palou

A full immersion in Buenos Aires has the power to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your dancing, infusing your movements with genuine passion as you absorb the city's rich tango culture.

Get ready for the best abrazos of your life !

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About the trip 

Join us for week 1 or week 2, or both!
You can even extend your trip and stay on for week 3! 

We'll be dancing non-stop in Buenos Aires and in the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia...

Pickup from airport

Hotel with breakfast

Classes every day

Milongas every night

City tour

Festival Full Passes

Drop off at airport

We have been organising this trip for the past 9 years, and we assure you that each week is thoughtfully planned to provide you with an exceptional dancing experience. With milongas every night, a diverse selection of classes during the day & numerous other exciting activities, this adventure will be one to remember!.

We'll be looking forward to welcoming you to Argentina,
get your dance shoes ready !!! 

How to register?

Just fill out the registration and tell us:


Your details


Do you want to join us for one, two or three weeks?


Extras: Hotel upgrades, Taxi dancers & extra nights

if for any reason the form doesn't work on your browser, please send us an email with your request

Image by Rafael Leão

After many years of encouraging our students to travel to our beloved Buenos Aires, we heard many stories of people being a bit sceptical about travelling there alone.


Hence, we thoughtfully & carefully put together our first school trip to Argentina! 


Years later, it has become the highlight of our year bringing a safe, fun & encouraging experience to our beloved students & dear friends!

We wholeheartedly aim to make each trip an unforgettable experience, sharing all of our most-loved restaurants, cafés, milongas, our favourite Tango hang-outs and best kept secrets of the city!


We can't wait to share another amazing trip with you filled with lots of great memories and great tango!

Leandro & Maria 

R E V I E W S   5* reviews of the trip

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"Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for accepting me and making me part of your tango holiday family. The experience was so very special that I do not find the right words to express it. I am still on cloud nine!"  - Rosemarie Erden (2019)

“Forgive the repetition, but thank you SO much for the past two weeks. I enjoyed myself enormously and it was just the most wonderful holiday in so many ways which I never expected to be quite so amazing.” - Carole Graham (2018)

“I couldn't have wished for better hosts - Maria and Leandro were amazing! Always smiling, always calm, patient & paying close attention to everyone. With their excellent network of contacts, they made sure we had the best time possible in BsAs” - Christine Williams (2017)

“I simply can't explain in words... Leandro & Maria are incredibly attentive to the details that make this trip special! They make sure everyone is having a great time and that the group is always receiving VIP treatment. 5 Stars all around! ” - Sabrina Saulle (2016)

“My first experience of Buenos Aires wasn't very good! I went with a girlfriend and it was a bit of a shock! It was difficult to get any dances and impossible to reserve tables at the milongas! After joining Leandro & Maria's group, we felt like royalty! They always had reserved tables for their group, even in the smallest/busiest milongas! But most importantly, their attention to detail, to each person, with so much heart and care... they are truly wonderful hosts and beautiful souls. Thank you!” - Julie Hart (2016)

What Is
Included In Your Trip


Your trip includes all your hotels in Buenos Aires and Patagonia. 


Your airport transfers from the airport to the hotel and back are included in your package (on our recommended flights only).


The emphasis of the trip is on classes and social dancing. During your stay, you will have multiple daily Tango classes with world class Master teachers selected to give you the best possible lessons in Argentine Tango & Folklore. 


All your Milonga entrances are included in your trip. ​Yes, every night of your stay! We also arrange priority table reservations at the Milongas, so you know you'll always have the best table possible :)



There's no better way to experience the city than with our private City Tour and English speaking tour guide. There will be one every week, taking you to the most popular city attractions plus hidden gems! 


Trip to magnificent Patagonia, by the Andes. Dancing with the mountains as a backdrop! Festival pass, hotel, transfers, lessons and milongas are all included in this trip. 

You will receive a full pass to the 20th Encuentro Patagonia!

(5 workshops & 3 Milongas included with top Maestros and guest DJs


You will receive a full pass to the longest & largest Tango Festival of Buenos Aires! (16 classes included from 70 classes to choose from & 4 Milonga with live Tango Orchestras like Juan D'Arienzo, Romantica Milonguera & more)

What Is Not
Included In Your Trip

Airplane tickets to Argentina

please check our recommended flights

Airplane tickets to Patagonia

please check our recommended flights

Your lunch & dinner 

Internal taxi fares 

To go back & forth from milongas and classes

Personal expenses 

Travel Insurance
Please make sure you travel with adequate travel insurance


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BsAs + Patagonia

Sharing a double or twin bedroom £1300 / US$1580 / €1500 per person


Single occupancy 

£1550 / US$1880 / €1800 per person

BsAs + Patagonia

Sharing a double or twin bedroom £2400 / US$2900 / €2770 per person


Single occupancy
£2900 / US$3520 / €3350 per person

Buenos Aires 6


(only if you have done BsAs + CITA)
Sharing a double or twin bedroom £650 / US$820 / €760 per person


Single occupancy
£850 / US$1075 / €990 per person

Payable in full upon confirmation of the registration via bank transfer to UK bank account.

Cancellation with less than one moth before the holiday starts are non refundable.

Cancellation with more than one month notice before the holiday starts, the full amount is refundable, minus £600.

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E X T R A S 

Professional Dance Partners - Taxi Dancers

Book a professional dance partner for your classes & social dancing during your trip and get the most out of your dancing time and maximise your progress. 

What exactly is a Professional Dance Partner, commonly known as a Taxi Dancer?
A professional dancer who will gracefully dance with you during the initial segment of a milonga, ensuring not only delightful dances but also catching the eye of locals for potential cabeceos.


In classes, we're all familiar with the occasional frustration of being paired with someone who struggles to grasp the lesson. However, with a professional dancer, the experience is quite the opposite. You not only derive maximum benefit from the class but also receive assistance from someone adept at both executing the moves and guiding you through the learning process!

How does it work?

Every class of the week(s) enjoy the thrill of having a dedicated professional dance partner assigned for you for the entire class.


At the evening milongas, you'll dance through every tanda in the first two hours, rotating seamlessly among our talented team of professional dancers, ensuring you get to dance with each of them throughout the night.  It's a dynamic rhythm—four tandas in a row, a quick break for one tanda—keeping the excitement alive throughout the night!

Not sure what this is? Need more information? 

Email us here 

Week 1

Buenos Aires + Patagonia Festival

March 3  to 12


Includes Pro Dancers for all 7 milongas during the week.

Also 2 classes before and after the festival and all 7 classes of the Festival full package.

Week 2

Buenos Aires + C.I.T.A. Festival

March 11 to 17


Includes Pro Dancers for all 7 milongas during the week.

Also 1 class before the festival starts and all 16 classes of the Festival full package.

Week 3

Buenos Aires

March 17 to 23


Includes Pro Dancers for all 6 milongas during the week. There will be no classes during this week.

This is payable upon arrival to Buenos Aires, in cash in US dollars only.

Hotel Upgrades

Why not upgrade to a bigger more comfortable room for your stay?

Not sure what this is? Need more information? 

Email us here 

Week 1

Buenos Aires + Patagonia Festival

Superior Room upgrade:

£170 / US$210 / €200 for 9 nights

Executive Room upgrade:

£640 / US$775 / €740  for 9 nights

Week 2

Buenos Aires + C.I.T.A. Festival

Superior Room upgrade:

£70 / US$85 / €80 for 7 nights

Executive Room upgrade:

£140 / US$170 / €160  for 7 nights


Recommended flights

London to Buenos Aires for Week 1 - Patagonia Week

Outbound: Saturday, March 2nd 

Direct flight: 

British Airways flight BA0245

LHR 21.30 to EZE 08.25 (+1)


Inbound: Monday, March 12th

Direct flight:

British Airways flight BA0244

EZE 15.25 to LHR 7.30(+1)

Buenos Aires to Patagonia

Outbound: Wednesday, March 6th

Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1672

AEP 8.35am to CPC 10.55am

Inbound: Monday, March 11th

Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1673

CPC 12.40pm to AEP 14.40pm

Click here for a link to Aerolineas Argentinas website

London to Buenos Aires for Week 2 - CITA Week

Outbound: Saturday, March 9th 

Direct flight: 

British Airways flight BA0245

LHR 21.30 to EZE 08.25 (+1)


Inbound: Sunday, March 17th

Direct flight:

British Airways flight BA0244

EZE 15.25 to LHR 7.30(+1)

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About us

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We have been successfully organising these holidays since 2015,  always with the same level of detail and organisation.


Our local knowledge and always being with 'one foot in' Argentina, allows us to do it year after year without compromising on our quality.

We organise & co-organise five different festivals and several other events in Argentina each year,  we come second to none when it comes to organisation and local knowledge and contacts.


Trust us to organise your perfect holidays. We offer comprehensive packages at excellent prices compared to booking everything independently.


There is nothing better then having everything planned out for you, from the moment we pick you up from the airport to the smallest details throughout your stay :)

Come share the magic with us :)

Leandro & Maria 

Do you have any question for us?

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