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Matching Couples Necklaces and its significance

While the exchange of rings is a common part of an engagement for many couples today, this was not common not so long ago. The custom of exchangering wedding rings has been in use for a long time, but engagement rings are relatively new.

Special features in various countries around the world assure that a wide array of traditions has developed around engagement rings over the course of history. The traditions and customs that surround engagement and engagement rings evolve constantly. The days of a bride and groom consisting only of two people are long gone. Society has become more vibrant and with it the customs.

You will learn how the tradition of the engagement ring was born and what you should know.

Engagement ring tradition What is the longest time that the custom existed?

It is believed that the custom of presenting rings to couples for engagement goes back to Pope Stephen (also called Saint Stephen). He was Pope from 254 until his death in 257 AD. He was an advocate for the insolubility of marriage. The meaning of the engagement ring was to symbolize and reinforce the mutual marriage promise.

In the Christian religion the ring is thought of as a symbol of wedding. Since the 13th century weddings, brides and grooms have placed rings on one another's hands during church weddings. A distinction between engagement and wedding rings was not a common practice for many years after that.

The tradition of the engagement rings can be traced to ancient Greece. It was common for grooms to gift their beloveds a ring as a way to show his affection and care. The Roman Empire also passed on similar customs that a ring made of iron with small keys was thought to signify the bond between two individuals.

There is also a historical connection between the engagement rings and ancient Egypt. This could be why it is customary in some countries for the rings to be worn on the left. The arterial connection from the heart is located in the left arm.

In the Middle Ages, it was also commonplace to present the bride a ring made of iron to show that she had received her dowry. Even then, the most wealthy had the opportunity to receive exquisitely made rings that were set with diamonds.

The tradition of giving an engagement ring made of gold with diamonds, or gemstones, to signify a marriage commitment is believed to be a relatively new custom. It was first introduced in a marketing effort by the diamond manufacturer De Beers. The slogan "A Diamond is a Diamond" is still used today.

Engagement Ring significance in Germany

Since the 20th century, engagement rings have been a common symbol of marriage in Germany. Couples exchange rings to mark their engagement and signify their vows to each other. Sometimes, these rings are worn as wedding rings following the wedding ceremony. The rings are then transferred from the left hand to the right hand. If the couple chooses to wear wedding rings at the wedding, the engagement rings are generally removed.

Engagement ring tradition in the USA

In the USA in the United States, typically only the bride receives an engagement ring. A lot of Hollywood films depict the traditional and romantic marriage proposal, where the groom is traditionally present to the bride an engagement ring. After the wedding, this ring is often worn as a ring alongside the wedding ring. The custom is slowly spreading to other countries.

Rings for engagement are a tradition in Turkey

This is also the case when it comes to the engagement ring tradition. In Turkey, for example it is also a an integral part of the tradition surrounding the planning of an engagement ceremony. Contrary to Germany however, in Turkey the parents of the groom's bride typically visit the parents of the bride to discuss the situation. The topic of weddings is debated over tea. If everyone in the group agrees that the children should get married, the future bride and groom join in and are presented with the engagement rings, which are connected by an orange cord. Cutting the cord by a loved one will make the engagement official.


The engagement ring is a way to look back on a long and diverse history. Despite the many differences that exist in various nations in regards to customs and procedures surrounding the engagement rings, there are a number of similarities. The most important is the engagement rings symbolize the promise of. lasting affection. It doesn't matter in the shape in which the ring presented, what exactly an engagement ring looks like and whether it's an engagement ring for one of the partners or rings that are designed for both partners.


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