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Rodrigo 'Joe' Corbata & Lucila Cionci

As part of their first international virtual tour, their first stop is London on Saturday, June 13th


They will be leading an evening of activities in English, including DJs, workshop for couples and solo dancers, Q&A and even more DJs.


7pm Welcome

TangoAcademy directors, Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani will start the evening with a warm welcome to all participants

7.15pm Live Dj

Our special guest DJ Veronika Kim, from Prague, will bring us all his experience and will share with us all the orchestras of the 1940s.

8pm Lesson: in movement

We are Lucila Cionci & Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata, we formed Formulatango in 2007 uniting years of experience in the Tango world. We propose a dynamic encounter, of body and musical awareness applied in exercises where you will have the experience that will allow you to continue in the personal search for your own style.

Intro: 5 minutes warm up!

feeling the soles of the feet, the strength of the fingers, the elasticity and projection of the arms.

Part 1.

Technique: From head to toe.
Order and awareness of our body during movement.

Part 2.

Music: simple concepts
Time, double time, half time and breaks …
Understanding and control of space and energies.

Part 3.

Body and music: exercises
We will exercise various rhythmic patterns applied in Tango, Vals and Milonga!

Part 4.

Ending: ‘5 stretch.
recovering the air, loosening tensions, feeling good.

9pm Questions and Answers

We will answer your questions, concerns and everything we can share from our more than 20 years in the world of Argentine Tango.

9.15pm More live music

We will continue to enjoy a special musical selection this time by Tango Academy Crew Music!

9.55pm Closing of the event with Maria / Leandro

Ask them about their school activities and stay informed of all their special events!

Book your evening of activities:

Rodrigo 'Joe' Corbata & Lucila Cionci
Jun 13, 2020, 7:00 PM
Online Event

Tickets are only £20 per connection (couples or solo dancers) for the 3 hours of activities.
Once booked you will receive the Zoom link.