Argentine Tango in Reading

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Argentine Tango Classes in Reading

In-person or Online

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Absolute Beginners Course

Welcome! We are so happy you are here! 

In collaboration with Reading Tango, we are thrilled to offer these fantastic Absolute Beginners Courses now in Reading.


At the very core of the London Tango Academy Method, the A.B.C. course, guides people without a dance background to get started in dancing Argentine Tango. Popular for its structure, clarity and success, both online and in-person, it will be the best thing you do this year!

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We can't wait to start this beautiful journey with you!          

                                                                                 - Leandro & Maria x

From Award Winning
Strictly Come Dancing 
Argentine Tango Choreographers

Maria Tsiatsiani
& Leandro Palou

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A quick glance at your
in-person course

- 8 Week Course 

- Next courses start May 22nd  2022

- Every Sunday from 4.30 to 6pm

- No previous experience required

-  Beginners Tango Certificate upon completion

- Step-by-step carefully structured method 

- Each class has a good balance of technique & practice time! 


- A new fabulous Tango figure each week

- Teachers: Adrien & Iro

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A quick glance at your
online course

- Over 50 on-demand lessons including practice videos &


bonus videos available 24/7 for 1 year

(watch all videos directly on our website)

- Suitable for solo dancers & couples

- No previous experience required - start any time!

- Specially designed for home learning 

- Step by step carefully structured method 

- Clear instruction with practice with me drills

Jane Hull

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Maria's gracious & elegant style is inspiring for ladies; Leandro's gentle & considerate lead is to be a model for leaders. Above all their warmth, inclusive, supportive & humble attitude is just beautiful. Finding this school and them as teachers has really changed my life!

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Qasim Bashir

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Maria and Leandro break it down and build it back up with the same level of mastery as their dance performances!

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Mick & Rita

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Their exceptional warmth to every single student, the incomparable in-depth knowledge of the human body and expertise are unparalleled. 


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