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Queer Tango Classes

Queer Tango is to dance Argentine Tango without regard to the traditional heteronormative roles of the dancers, and often to exchange the leader and follower roles. Therefore, it is related to open role or same-sex tango. The queer tango movement permits not only an access to tango for the LGBT community, but also supports female leaders and male followers, regardless of orientation.

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Learn with Strictly Come Dancing Choreographers in Covent Garden


What? When? Where? 


Take part in this 4-week course, every Saturday in Covent Garden from 4.30 to 5.30pm, starting on October 23rd.

We will cover all the fundamentals of Argentine Tango in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, so you can dance confidently on any dance floor!!

If you are not sure about the 4-week course, you can always just take the first class as a taster class.

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