The Truth Behind our A.B.C.

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Unlike most dances, Tango doesn't have a structured dance vocabulary, making it somewhat difficult to grasp, especially nowadays since we are used to structure and clarity in most things in life - at least in the things we are paying for.

How can we possibly learn something that has no real structure?

Since the birth of Tango many years ago, this beautiful legacy of the dance has been passed on, generation after generation, simply by observing and copying, sometimes not even getting a chance to ask any questions. It was and is, very important to find a good teacher who can transmit Tango learning while still keeping the authenticity of the dance.

The Birth of our A.B.C: Since we are much more than just a few tango classes, we wanted our name, Tango Academy, to represent just that: an Academy of pure Argentine Tango. Hence, we decided to develop a structured method for our beginner students, so they can confidently learn, develop and progress while keeping track of their learning, just like in any normal school. Although all our classes are carefully structured, we knew this would mean a bigger dream, a bigger project... a new project! Leandro and I, constantly discuss our students development and progress, always searching for better ways to deliver information clearly and efficiently. Our beginner classes are especially important to us, as we see them as the future generation for the Tango scene in London. What you learn in your first few classes can shape your whole tango journey, so developing a structure for them, was incredibly important to us for a very long time. Even though it was a usual topic of discussion, one friday night after an especially wonderful beginner class, moved by our new tango dancers progress, we decided to go home and make a 12 week plan that same night!

Developing the Method: Leandro, having started tango at a very young age in Buenos Aires, started touring worldwide and teaching in his teens. His extended experience in teaching Tango, gave us just the right elements to work on this project. After many late nights, a lot of research, many interviews with Tango students and non-Tango students, pro dancers and non-dancers, long talks, in-studio rehearsals and the occasional disagreements, we finally came up with the first 12-week A.B.C. program. Leandro, never settling for anything but perfect, would spend hours finding the right vocabulary and presentation, always trying to make it as clear as water. Anxious but satisfied, we decided to give it a first test run in our beginner classes. Through practice, we eagerly kept giving each other feedback with constant changes in the program, big and small, always tweeking it to improve it.

Putting the pieces together: Finally after much preparation and finally happy with the context, we bravely printed our very first A.B.C Program at our home. There, black and white, with a few spelling mistakes, we knew we had something special in our hands. That same week, the mailman delivered 1,000 copies of our Argentine Tango Absolute Beginners Course (A.B.C) Programs and 1,000 copies of our A.B.C. Beginner Certificates - (an award only accredited from Tango Academy).

Still today, the first class of this course and the last, Graduation Day, is very emotional for us. We love watching our beloved students excited yet shy in their very first class and then Graduating confidently with their certificates in hand. There's nothing that we love more than seeing our students grow into beautiful tango dancers...

Happy dancing Maria x

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