7 reasons why YOU need to dance Argentine Tango!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

We all have heard that dancing is good for you... but what makes dancing Tango so unique?

1. YES, it's actually Good for your Health! Clinically proven to reduce stress, boost the immune system and train the brain, dancing improves your overall mental and physical state. It helps your memory, builds confidence, beats depression, burns calories and improves your flexibility, endurance, strength and balance.

Sometimes it's difficult to attend class, especially after a long stressful work day... but after class I always feel happy & fresh! Friendly atmosphere, warm & caring teachers, inspirational teaching, and most of all, lots fo fun! Highly recommend taking up Tango. It will change your life as it did mine! - Anna Shirakova

2. No Age Restrictions. Unlike most dance classes that require a minimum dance experience or training, you can start your Tango journey at any point of your life! You don't need any dance experience nor a partner. Everyone is welcomed!

I started my Tango lessons just over a year ago and it has transformed my life. My weekly class is the highlight of my week! If I can do it, anyone can! - Joyce Martin, 84 years old

3. A Huge Social Scene. Did you know that there are over 1,000 people dancing Tango in London? London hosts various Tango schools, weekly group classes, special themed workshops with visiting Master Teachers, various social dance clubs, charity balls, theatre shows, festivals, free outdoor social events... oh, even a Tango Championship!

Since I've started Tango classes, I've met many incredible people, made friends for life, shared many lessons and outings dancing together. It really changed my social life. - John Gibbs

4. The Music. Aww the music... The tango music is beautiful, compelling, romantic, emotional, sad, uplifting, demanding… and it will take you further into your soul than you ever imagined! where to start? check our blog: My First Tango Orchestras.

5. Creative, Expressive & FUN! As an improvisd dance, Tango can be very creative and expressive. There are no fixed sequences to follow, so once you learn the basics and principles, you can start using them as you like. The diverse choice of tango moves, the rich music and the various dance partners, gives you a wide range of tools to express yourself! Plus, your Tango classes are the best way to make new friends and have loads of fun!

6. The Tango Connection. We all heard about Tango being addictive but is that really true? Well, yes! It's very true! Dancing Tango requires a unique connection, both physically but also mentally, between the two people dancing. Tango is not about the steps, level or technique but about the connection we create with our partner when we dance. And yes, when felt, it is highly addictive!

7. The World Wide Community. From London to New York, from Reunion Island to Alaska... Tango is danced almost everywhere in the world! A quick online search and you will find countless Tango Festivals, Milongas (Tango social clubs), Tango Marathons and many more Tango related events all over the world! Next time you travel, don't forget to pack your dancing shoes! Happy dancing, Maria x


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