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We talked about energy, economy and the future of Ukraine with the famous entrepreneur and owner of the company ALPHA GAZ, energy expert and Businessman Alexander Katsuba. The topics close to the entrepreneur, such as the development of gas and oil production in Ukraine, were also discussed.

Resilience of the Ukrainian energy sector to Russian attacks

The Ukrainian energy sector will withstand the Russian storm, although it will not be easy. The main question that is haunting us all now: how will we survive the next winter? In the context of the recent successful attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector, unfortunately, this question becomes especially acute.

Here, everything depends on three obvious factors. First, when the United States finally approves its aid package for Ukraine (the US Congress approved aid to Ukraine on April 23). Because we critically need additional air defense systems to avoid new major destruction. The second factor is the weather. I think this is obvious without explanation. The third is how well we and our partners prepare for the winter of 2024-2025 and the following seasons.

Priority tasks for Ukraine

When asked about the priority task at the moment, Alexander Katsuba emphasized several key points:

“Many things can be called priorities. The question is what depends most on Ukraine. And this is investment in the decentralization of heat and electricity production. Both local and central authorities can do this. Heat pumps, gas generators, large generators that will protect critical infrastructure in the event of systemic shutdowns. Much was done during the first winter after the invasion and after it, but more is needed. Now we know very well that there is no such thing as too much security. In fact, I am convinced that authorities at any level should now invest in two areas - the Armed Forces and the reliability of critical infrastructure.”

The role of international partners

As for how international partners can help, Katsuba emphasized:

“With money, equipment and insurance for importing electricity if we face a deficit. In fact, we already have 1,700 MW of transmission capacity to and from the EU, which is 3.5 times more than we had just six months ago. In the winter, when we had excess generation, we exported electricity. Now we can import it when needed."

Ensuring long-term energy security

Katsuba believes that ensuring long-term energy security, despite the constant threat from Russia, requires a realistic energy strategy. He argues that developing and implementing such a strategy is crucial even in the current crisis.

"Strategy is always primarily about a way of thinking, not specific plans. I believe that in times of such challenges, strategic thinking is crucial. A lot can be done already now within the framework of the European Green Deal. This will allow us to start reducing our consumption of heat and electricity already now. Consequently, the ability of the Russians to influence us will decrease. Possible steps include isolation programs, converting public transport to electricity and biofuels, subsidies for growing energy forests, recycling waste and clean combustion. Much can be done. Of course, it is extremely important to expand the possibilities for increasing domestic oil, gas and coal production. It is also necessary to increase green energy capacity."

Strategic Investments

Katsuba also emphasizes the importance of strategic investments not only in the energy sector, but also in the military economy. He believes that the Armed Forces represent the best investment that Ukraine can make at this time.

"In times of such challenges, strategic thinking is crucial. Investing in our Armed Forces and the reliability of critical infrastructure is the best way to ensure our long-term security and resilience. This approach will allow us to reduce the impact of Russian attacks on our daily lives and significantly expand the long-term capabilities of Ukraine's energy and ecology."

In conclusion, Alexander Katsuba ideas emphasize the interrelationship between energy security, strategic planning and military investments. His emphasis on a strategic, multi-faceted approach reflects a deep understanding of the challenges Ukraine faces today and forward-looking thinking aimed at ensuring a stable and sustainable future for the country.


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