Directly from Brazil,
new dance sensation is here.

With easy to learn steps, an irresistible rhythm and a vibrant London social community, Forró is perfect for everyone with or without previous dance experience.


Some say FORRÓ is Brazil's answer to Salsa, we like to believe FORRÓ offers a very unique sensation amongst Latin dances as you become familiar with the style of connection and embrace.
FORRÓ is very easy to learn when properly taught, and gives you an almost immediate possibility to start
 dancing and having fun.
In just a few classes you will be ready to join London's most fun parties, dancing FORRÓ. We have prepared our classes to help you become a confident dancer in no time. Join us!

Shashi & Franzi


We have put together a 12-week course that takes you through all of the steps you'll need to conquer the floor at any FORRÓ party.

Each class will have a warm-up, exercises and an amazing step carefully broken down so that it is easy to understand and plenty of practice time expertly guided by Shashi & Franzi, to build your confidence and achieve great results in the shortest time possible.

Ultimately, the objective of classes is to get you ready for social dancing, meet new people and be part of the vibrant London FORRÓ scene.

Shashi & Franzi

A London based Forró addict since 2013, Shashi has developed his Forró through extensive travels as well as during his time living in Brazil. He has taught workshops all over Europe including London, Cambridge, Moscow, Berlin and Freiburg as well as regularly DJing at a variety of events. 


Shashi views dancing as a form of expression, freedom and connection with a view that you should dance for your partner, the music and yourself. Aside from learning both the Universitario and Roots styles of Forró, Shashi also is studying Tango and often draws upon its techniques to develop his teaching methods. He believes that you can learn from all types of dance to create your own personal style.


We connect people who want to dance Forró to high quality teaching, music and parties.

A quick glance at your
FORRÓ course...

Suitable for absolute beginners, no dance experience necessary.

A 10-week structured course that teaches you the foundations of dancing FORRÓ socially

Weekly class videos uploaded to our exclusive group chat to practice at home

Once the course has been completed, graduate with our Dance Academy Forró Certificate

the Location

6-7 Newport St, Covent Garden WC2H 7JB

This Week's Special Offer 
Join one of our April
8-week courses 15% off

Course WAS £120 NOW ONLY £99 per person,
or £175 per couple booking together
Limited time offer and advance booking only.

A message from your fantastic teachers...

“As a keen martial artist, Forró caught me by surprise and quickly changed my life, making couple dancing a big part of it. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be able to share the gift of the Forró community, the unique sounds and the journey of self expression - that all begins to unfold with a simple step into a dance studio in Covent Garden.”

                                             - Shashi

to get started with FORRÓ

in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere...

book your next Courses at our Covent Garden location

Level 2+ FORRÓ

in Covent Garden 

Every Monday from  8 to 9.15pm

Drop-in Class £10 per person. 

Or take advantage of our new promotion of 11 weeks package
at only £99 per person, or £185 for a couple


9 Endell Street, Covent Garden 
London, WC2H 9SA

Shashi & Franzi

Forró Mentors

Beginners FORRÓ

in Covent Garden 

12 week Beginners Course 

Starting September 18th
Every Wednesday from 8.15 to 9.45pm

£129 per person, or £218 for a couple

9 Endell Street, Covent Garden 
London, WC2H 9SA

Shashi & Franzi

Forró Mentors

Beginners FORRÓ

in Covent Garden 


Wednesday, September 18th from 8.15 - 9.45pm

£10 per person, or £20 for a couple

If you decide to take course, the £10 goes towards the booking


9 Endell Street, Covent Garden 
London, WC2H 9SA

Shashi & Franzi

Forró Mentors

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