*Black and White Beginner Timelapse Video*

If you want to take your first steps in Tango

you've come to the right place...


I'm in the business world. Never would I of expected to be enjoying dance so much! Thank you Tango Academy. 

Chris & Julie

Now, we're not saying that Tango revitalised our connection, but... it certainly contributed!


It's the community that makes Tango Academy so special. I've made relationships for life.

How does Tango make people feel?

*Instructional Timelapse Video*

Yes, but what actually goes down in a class?

Why don't we show you? 

Delivered straight to your inbox for you to watch at your leisure. No cost, no obligation, completely free.

Or, for as little as £10.00* you could get your foot in the door of one of our 5x beautiful studios across the UK.

*usually £15.00




The ABC steps to your Tango success...

1. Tango Basics I

12. Preparation for Social Dancing

2. Embrace

3. Connection

5. Tango Basics II

9. Expression

11. Combinations

10. Improvising

4. Tango Walk

8. Sequences

6. Tango Secrets I

7. A-Z Ochos

A message from our Directors...

*Inside Class Timelapse Video*

Choose your option...


Start as soon as you like, just drop in and you'll pick up at one of our steps. You'll only get your Tango Diploma when you've completed all 12 steps.




Start your journey at our next ABC enrollment in January. Where we'll be starting at step one and you'll save £71.00. Advanced booking only.


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