If you want to take your first steps in BELLY DANCE

you've come to the right place...


 After sampling a few places, this is by far the best place to learn Belly. Teachers are fantastic and very involved with the students!


The structure of this Academy is perfection. You really feel they care for each and every student always giving their best without fail! 


Best dance school I've been to! Highly professional in every aspect, very organized, always giving the best quality of teachers! 

How does Belly Dancing make people feel?

Have you always wanted to take a Belly Dance Course but haven't found one perfect for you?


Then look no more! 

Our Belly Dance class is perfectly structured for YOU!

Are you ready to increase your flexibility, balance, posture, core and overall better your health while having fun?

 Our progressive course starts from the very basics & is entirely structured to give you the best possible introduction to belly dancing, in a safe, fun, supportive, environment.

The ABC steps to your Belly Dancing success...

12. Graduation
& Diplomas

1. Basics I

2. Arms Part 1

3. Hips Part 1

5. Basics II

9. Hips Part 2

11. Preparation for 

10. Styling

4. Belly  Steps 

8. Arms Part 2

6. Isolations

7. A-Z Turns

A message from your teacher...


If you always wanted to learn Belly Dancing and never found the time or the right class environment, then this is just for you...

- Miriam

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